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Registering with Plusto is FREE. You may register a single account or multiple accounts if you are involved in multiple business types and wish to have separate accounts for each one.Your registration information is kept private on Plusto's secure servers. See Plusto's Privacy Policy for further information.
+On Plusto all registration is as a business, however in terms of the User Agreement, the individual who registers on behalf of the company is liable jointly with the company for any transactions entered into and for any fees incurred.
+You need to be at least 18 years of age to register on Plusto.
+When your registration information changes, there is no need to register a new Plusto account. Simply go to My Plusto to change your contact information.
+You can change your account details and billing details for your account.
Registering multiple Plusto accounts
You can register multiple accounts with Plusto under the following circumstances:
+You are involved in more than one type of business activity and wish to handle the business activities separately.
+Your business has a buying and selling division, and you wish to handle buying and selling separately.
+Each account with Plusto needs to have its own unique Username and email address. The two accounts are treated as completely separate accounts by Plusto.

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