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Some useful things you might not yet know about Plusto
+Plusto forms partnerships with industry leaders in industries and within countries around the world. These partners provide us with industry specific information allowing us to communicate effectively with all of Plusto’s users. We use a unique system to ensure that we inform our users of products and services relevant to their businesses. Find out more about our Industry Partnerships.
+Sellers list items on Plusto across the globe and across a wide range of industries. They can choose to list their items as an auction listing, a fixed price listing or a classified listing. Auction listings allow buyers to bid on the item and the item goes to the highest bidder. Fixed price listings offer the item at a fixed price and the item goes to the first buyer prepared to purchase the item at that price. Classified listings are long-term listings offering products or services and allow buyers that are interested in the seller’s products or services to contact them. The seller and buyer then transact through Plusto via a fixed price listing.
+Buyers can also use the Request for Quote system to procure products and services by soliciting quotations by global suppliers and then accepting a quote that suits them. CargoKey ( The world's first global freight calculator) and WorldTariff help buyers to quickly assess their transport costs and import duties and taxes, thereby allowing them to make informed decisions about buying internationally.
+Plusto has revolutionised the trading relationships between over 7500 different company types and over 49 000 product categories - So when surplus cement is available in India, all potential users of cement worldwide (construction companies, hardware stores and building supply wholesalers) are informed of its availability, and can bid on or buy the quantities they require. For more information see The '+' Factor.
+Plusto arranges monthly Industry Specific Auctions to enable sellers and buyers in a specific auction to trade on Plusto for a specific period (lasting three days). Whilst sellers and buyers can transact at any time during the month, these Industry Specific Auctions focus all trading activity for the specified industry into a concentrated time frame.
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