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Tego® Needlefree Hemodialysis Connector

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Location:  Click for InformationSouth Africa South Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town
Started:20 Jul 2012 03:57 GMT
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Tego® Needlefree Hemodialysis Connector

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Tego® Needlefree Hemodialysis Connector Tego® Needlefree Hemodialysis Connector 

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Clinically-proven needlefree technology designed to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination and improve patient outcomes by providing a safe and effective microbial barrier
  • Does not require a change in clinical practice or technique.
  • Saline flush option can eliminate the use of heparin.
  • Minimal blood reflux in the catheter tip.
  • No clamping sequence required.
The Clinical Impact of Central Line Catheter Occlusions

Catheter Occlusions Negatively Affect Patient Care

Despite continued efforts by healthcare practitioners, occlusions in central line catheters (CVCs and PICCs) remain a significant issue that can result in:
  • Delays in critical patient care.
  • Increased risk of infection.
  • Increase in healthcare costs.
Blood Reflux is a Key Cause of Catheter Occlusions
One important cause of catheter occlusion is blood reflux,1 or when blood backs up into the catheter.
  • Blood reflux can lead to an intraluminal thrombus, which may result in an inability to infuse IV fluids/medications
  • An occluded catheter may lead to an inability to withdraw blood.
Current Technologies are Limited in Their Ability to Reduce Reflux
Some devices on the market, including positive pressure neddlefree connectors, attempt to address the problem. Positive pressure devices only impact blood reflux when a syringe or administration set is disconnected.
The Neutron Catheter Patency Device May Help You Significantly Reduce Patient Care Risks Associated with Catheter Occlusions
Maintaining catheter patency and minimizing occlusions can be important steps in your efforts to enhance patient safety and improve outcomes.
The Neutron catheter patency device is the first and only FDA-cleared device shown to significantly reduce all types of reflux into a catheter, and reducing reflux has been clinically shown to help reduce occlusions.
Reducing Catheter Occlusions with the Neutron Catheter Patency Device May Provide Real-Time Clinical Benefits
Avoid Delays in Critical Patient Care
Neutron may help avoid delays in therapy of critical intravenous medications  (e.g., antibiotics and oncolytics), nutritional support, and blood products.
Neutron may help avoid delays in procedures and increased length of stay by decreasing unnecessary interventions, including administration of t-PA or other corrective actions.
Avoid Patient Discomfort and Pain
Neutron may help avoid patient discomfort and pain caused by unnecessary needlesticks, catheter restarts, and manipulating the IV site.
Because Neutron reduces the risk of thrombotic occlusions, patients may be  less likely to require the use of declotting agents.
Avoid Unnecessary Costs
Neutron may help minimize unnecessary costs that add up when treating an occlusion, such as:
Cost of staff time related to clinical intervention.
Cost of t-PA or other declotting agents.
Wasted medicationssuch as time-sensitive oncolytics and blood products.
Increased patient stay from interruptions in therapy and catheter restarts.
Help Reduce Risk of Infection
In addition to taking advantage of ICU Medical's patented design features shown to provide a safe and effective microbial barrier, Neutron may help  reduce the risk of infection by:
  • Preventing thrombosis, which is a breeding ground for infection.
  • Minimizing IV line manipulation as an entry point for bacteria.
How it works
Neutron: Better By Design
Unique design allows Neutron to help prevent occlusions by reducing reflux and maintaining catheter patency.
Because of an innovative design that incorporates a bi-directional silicone valve that helps prevent reflux at all times, Neutron helps maintain catheter patency during times when traditional connectors have been shown to occlude most often.



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