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Privacy Policy Summary


We obviously collect bits of personal information from you in the process of you becoming a user, and trading on the site. This policy explains how we handle your personal information.

  • When you register or enter information on our Site, we collect your personal information.
  • We may combine the information you provide with information from other companies and Plusto entities.
  • We use cookies and other technology to keep track of your online interaction with our Site.


  • We use the information to provide the requested services.
  • We use the information to personalize the Site for you, to communicate with you, and to offer you special Plusto promotions.
  • We use the information to help enforce our terms and conditions, to prevent fraud, and to keep the Site safer than before.


  • We disclose your information to facilitate your transactions on the Site.
  • We occasionally provide information to other companies who work on our behalf to help provide our services.
  • We share limited information with law enforcement and others to help keep the Community safe.


  • To choose how we communicate with you, go to your notification preferences settings in My Plusto.
  • To access, review, and change your personal information, go to your account page in My Plusto.

Important information

  • For more information on our privacy practices, please go to the full Plusto Privacy Policy.
  • We don’t send spam and do not permit spam on Plusto.
  • Keep your online identity safe; go to our Security Center for more information.

Privacy Policy

See our complete Privacy Policy. This is the policy that you agree to when you register on Plusto.
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