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Policies for Sellers


Our rules and policies are in place to make the Plusto marketplace a safe place to trade. As per the user agreement, sellers are required to know and adhere to Plusto’s policies relating to:


Items must always be listed in the appropriate category for that item.
Circumventing Fees

Using systems or ploys to circumvent, reduce or avoid Plusto fees are prohibited.
Excessive Shipping

Sellers may charge reasonable transport fees to cover the costs for mailing, packaging and handling the items they are selling. All shipping fees and policies need to be included in the listing. Shipping and handling fees may not be listed as a percentage of the final selling price.
HTML Javascript

Plusto does not allow certain types of HTML or JavaScript functions in listings, Store Pages, Seller Information Pages or Requests for Quotes.
Item Location Misrepresentation

Sellers must accurately represent the location from which their item will be shipped in the item location field.
Links from Listings

Only certain types of links are allowed within an item description.
Multi Level Marketing and Similar Schemes

Listings relating to these schemes and all other similar programs are prohibited by Plusto. These programs are often regulated or illegal.
No Item Listings

Only listings offering an item or service for sale are allowed.
Payment Surcharges

An additional fee may not be charged for the use of ordinary forms of payment, including acceptance of cheques, money orders, electronic transfers, credit cards or cash deposit fees.
Prizes Listings

Listings that promote give-aways, draws, raffles or prizes are not permitted as they are highly regulated.
Public Profile Page

Your information page may not contain any links to other websites where goods from multiple sellers are displayed.
Selling Coins

Fraudulent or improperly described coins or paper money may not be sold on Plusto.
Selling Stamps

Fraudulent or improperly described stamps may not be sold on Plusto.
Trading Outside of Plusto

Trading items already listed on Plusto outside of the site are not permitted. This type of trading constitutes a potential fraud risk to both parties and circumvents Plusto’s fees.
Choice Listings

A listing which allows buyers to choose from a selection of items is called a Choice Listing. These are not allowed and will be ended by Plusto.
Duplicate Listings

Sellers may not have more than 15 listings for an identical or similar items listed concurrently, even if they are listed in different categories.
Home Page Featured Policy

Plusto reserves the right to remove any Home Page Featured item that we determine in our discretion may hurt the credibility of the marketplace.
International Transactions

Where an international transaction takes place on Plusto, the laws of both countries (the seller and the highest bidder) must be adhered to. Plusto takes no responsibility for foreign transactions being lawful in either country.
Key Word Spamming

When members place brand names or inappropriate keywords in a title or description to divert users to a listing, it is known as Keyword spamming.
Misleading Titles

Titles must accurately describe the items for sale and misleading titles are prohibited.
Multiple Listing Charge Avoidance

It is prohibited to offer additional identical items for sale in the item description of a single listing, except in the case of a Dutch Auction, Fixed Price Listing or Lot Listing.
Non-Performance by Sellers

When a seller lists on Plusto, and a buyer bids for and wins an item, the buyer and seller have entered into a legally binding contract.
Picture & Description Theft

Plusto members are not allowed to use another Plusto user's pictures or descriptions in their listings or Public Profile without the owner's permission.

Profanity and vulgar language is prohibited on Plusto. This includes language that is racist, hateful, sexual or obscene.
Reserve Price Violations

Misuse of the Reserve Price feature is prohibited.
Selling Jewelry

Plusto promote the listing and trading of precious metals, beads and jewelry, however listings for these items must meet rules of disclosure designed to improve the trading experience for all Plusto users.
Taxation Policy

Sellers agree to comply with all laws regarding taxation, whether domestic or international when using the Plusto site.
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