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Policies for Buyers


To ensure that transactions on Plusto are safe and hassle free, the following are not permitted by buyers on Plusto:

Interfering with a Transaction

Interferring with transactions on Plusto is not permitted.
Policy regarding Non-Payment

All users enter into a legally binding agreement to purchase an item from the seller if they use the Buy now feature or win an online auction. Buyers are required to pay the full price for the items that they commit to purchase.
Shill Bidding

Bidding that artificially increases an items apparent desirability or price, or bidding by individuals with a level of access to the seller’s item information not available to all users is called Shill Bidding.
Unwelcome Bidding

Buyers who do not meet the seller’s terms of sale are not permitted to bid on or buy an item.
Non-binding Bid Policy

Certain Plusto online auctions involve non-binding bids (for example, some real estate auctions).
Retracting Bids

Except under special circumstances, a bid may not be retracted and is a binding contract.
Trading Outside of Plusto

Trading items already listed on Plusto outside of the site are not permitted. This type of trading constitutes a potential fraud risk to both parties and circumvents Plusto’s fees.
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