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PLUSPolicies > General Policies > Linking from your Public Profile Page




Linking from your Public Profile Page


Plusto provides a link to your Public Profile on all of your listings, to allow other users to get to know more about your company and its people. You may include a link to your Public Profile in your listings.
You may not include language within those links that promotes other items or other Web sites. Any language or actions that promote or solicit transactions outside of Plusto is prohibited.


The following types of links are not allowed on listings or on Public Profile pages:



+         Links to other online trading sites or pages, including auctions and fixed-price formats


+         Links to sites offering the same merchandise for the same or lower price (including the Buy It Now price)


+         Links that directly offer any non-Plusto listing or merchandise on the Public Profile page itself



Why does Plusto have this policy?

The About My Business page allows Plusto members to tell the Community more about themselves. This policy helps keep Plusto a safe and enjoyable marketplace for buyers and sellers.
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