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General Policies
To keep Plusto a safe place to transact and participate, all users should know and follow the following rules:

Accepted Payments Policy

Plusto’s payments policy is an integral part of creating the secure trading environment that it promotes. Plusto does not insist on payment methods; however it may choose to do so in the future. Plusto does however strongly encourage sellers to only accept certain forms of payment.
Feedback System Abuse

PLUSFeedback is our way of ensuring that users of Plusto abide by our policies and that safe trading environment is created in which all users can trade with confidence. Feedback abuse is not permitted on Plusto and Plusto will remove feedback that is regarded as feedback abuse as outlined in detail below.
Linking from your Public Profile Page

Plusto automatically provides a link next to your PLUSid for other users to view your Business Webpage, and to find out more about your company and its people.
Public Profile Guidelines

Your Public Profile page is provided to allow other users to view your company’s profile. The webpage may not promote sales or transactions outside of Plusto. Prohibited items may not be promoted on the webpage. The webpage may not contain links to other commercial websites.
Site Outages

Our success is based on our users’ trading success, however it is inevitable that the site will occasionally experience downtime during which bidders cannot place bids or use other functionality of the site. This policy covers these eventualities.
Contact Information Policy

Falsifying or omitting contact information such as a member’s name, address, and/or telephone number when registering on Plusto is not permitted.
Intellectual Property

Plusto has certain policies which are intended to protect it's Intellectual Property.
Policy regarding Spam

Spam is email that is both unsolicited and commercial in nature. Spam is not permitted on Plusto.
Publishing Contact Information

Publishing contact information of another Plusto member in any online public area is not permitted.
Trading Outside of Plusto

Trading items already listed on Plusto outside of the site are not permitted. This type of trading constitutes a potential fraud risk to both parties and circumvents Plusto’s fees.
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