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Want to give back to those in need? Global 'Giving Tuesday' charity day set ...
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are about getting good deals. Giving Tuesday is about giving something back. The global charity movement, created in 2012, focuses on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which is Dec. 2 this year. On that day, individual ...
Giving Tuesday encourages charity after consumption
The Detroit News
Now there is a day to give back. #GivingTuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is a global day dedicated to charitable giving and volunteerism. Consider it the counter narrative to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Organizers of the national movement ...
How to make sure your donation is going to a worthwhile charity
As Americans watched the news about a handful of health care workers falling ill with Ebola, the urge to give kicked in. The Internet came to the rescue with a fund that promised to give donations to help an ill nurse. But was it a well-meaning ...
An Ex-Congressman Whose Retirement Plan Is Charity
New York Times
For the past 12 years, the campaign account of John LaFalce, a former Democratic congressman, has acted like a mini-foundation for the charities and civic institutions of Western New York, giving small amounts of money around the year. Since retiring ...
Charitable giving down in North Carolina
The Progressive Pulse
The N.C. Secretary of State's office had a report out yesterday that found North Carolina residents are continuing a downward trend in their charitable giving. The office, led by Elaine Marshall, a Democrat, monitors charities in the state and puts out ...
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