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Ramadan Is Major Time for Charitable Donations in DC
NBC4 Washington
Khan, the chapter president of the organization that serves Pakistanis, compared zakat giving for Muslims to Christmastime charity for Christians. “During Christmas, you tend to give more, because you're spending on your own family, but you feel like ...
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Giving safely to charities on behalf of police, firefighters
Morganton News Herald
Keep these tips in mind for any kind of charitable donation, as they apply in all scenarios. Better Business Bureau reviews local charities against twenty Standards for Charity Accountability to provide donors with information to make charitable giving ...
Haiti orphanages hotspot of child trafficking, abuse, says charity
Many of Haiti's orphanages use deception to recruit children from unknowing and impoverished parents - a form of trafficking - and use those children to attract donations, said the report released on Thursday by the London-based charity Lumos. Donors ...
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Giving Tuesday 2017 date confirmed
Charity Digital News
#GivingTuesday, which is co-ordinated by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), is the biggest single day of giving in the UK. Originally started in the US as a way to raise funds on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and the associated shopping frenzies of ...
Help to double charity donations today
Mix 96
Buckinghamshire charities are hoping you'll donate to them today (Thursday) because it will mean so much more. Two-times more, to be exact. As part of Small Charities Week, Local Giving are match-funding any donations made to the groups taking part.
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