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Natural disasters, not wars, prompt Brits to give to charity
The Guardian
The research revealed that, beneath the generosity that people show in giving to charity, there is also a judgment – which means that people give far less money to help innocent people caught up in war or conflict than to people who suffer as a result ...
#Give me money: Donating via social media
Dry cleaning, car service and pet food delivery is just a tap away thanks to the Internet and smartphones. But when it comes to charity, the world of technology start-ups hasn't given enough. Charles Huang learned this the hard way when he tried ...
CLUCKS & BUCKS: Fowl bingo 'drops' fuel charity giving
Durham Herald Sun
K.C. Elander smiles at Harriet, an Americana chicken, before the Chicken (Poop) Bingo fundraiser for the Durham Farmers' Market Double Bucks Program on Saturday, Dec. 20, 2014. The program helps customers shopping with Supplemental Nutrition ...
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Holiday giving? Don't pick a charity by financial statements alone
When it comes to charitable donations, Canadians seem to have become so fixated on picking a charity based on its administrative costs that they may be overlooking the impact the agency has, one umbrella organization says. “What we are witnessing is ...
In season of giving, make sure your donations go to charity
The season for giving doesn't end with Christmas. Many people make their charitable gifts and donations for the year in the last two weeks of December. Year-end charitable giving is often a case of repeating the same amounts to the same charities you ...
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