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Giving to charity increases happiness and can be easy
New Zealanders are amongst the most generous people in the world, ranking fifth in the World Giving Index published by the Charity Aid Foundation last year. The index is constructed by surveying people on three aspects of giving; giving money ...
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People's Postcode Lottery increases charity giving to 27.5 per cent of ticket ...
Civil Society Media
The People's Postcode Lottery has announced it will increase the amount of money awarded to charity to 27.5 per cent of the price of each lottery ticket. The figure marks a 2.5 per cent increase - from 50p to 55p of each £2 ticket. Some £72.2m has been ...
Saudi prince to give entire $43b fortune to charity
The Straits Times
Prince Alwaleed bin Talal says he was guided in his decision by his faith, which has fuelled his desire to help "build a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world". The funds will be handled by his charity, Alwaleed Philanthropies.PHOTO: AGENCE ...
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New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez May Give Milestone Bonus Money to Charity
Sports Media 101
FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal reports the two sides are discussing the possibility of giving the entire $6 million bonus away to charity and that "quiet progress" has been made. The hope is that both the Yankees and Rodriguez, as well as the Players' Union ...
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Seen & Heard: Don't Give to Charity Muggers
Tribeca Citizen
Most of your money goes to the company that hires them on behalf of the charities. (Do you really think the charities are hiring all those people themselves?) Giving directly to charities makes far more sense. (“Chugger” is a Britishism for “charity ...
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