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Transaction Problems


Buyer Protection

Find out more about what you can do to protect yourelf as a buyer, and what Plusto does to keep the trading environment safe.
Contacting other Plusto Members

Communicating with your transaction partner is an important part of buying and selling on Plusto. Most transaction problems can be prevented, as well as resolved, by communicating directly with the member.
How Plusto can Help

More about Plusto's role in transaction problems, and how we facilitate dispute resolution.
Transactions Outside of Plusto

Transactions outside of Plusto are not eligible for Plusto services, including feedback, contact information requests , the Item Not Received Process, and the Unpaid Item Process.
Communication on Plusto

The key to successful transactions on Plusto is direct communication between buyers and sellers. However, from time to time, misunderstandings do occur.
Frequently Asked Questions about Transaction Problems

Find answers to common questions about Transaction Problems on Plusto
Seller Protection

More about how sellers can protect themselves when trading on Plusto, and what Plusto does to create a safe trading environment.
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