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PLUSGive Fee Policy


Plusto promotes giving and charity listings through PLUSGive. Listings that are placed in the PLUSGive category are promoted throughout the site. To qualify to list an item under PLUSGive, the seller needs to make a commitment to donate between 10% and 100% of the proceeds from the listing to a Plusto-approved non-profit organisation.
Members on Plusto can submit non-profit and charitable organizations to Plusto for approval.
When a PLUSGive listing sells, the non-profit or charitable organization is informed of the amount due to them, and will invoice the seller separately. In addition, Plusto undertakes to pay an equal percentage of the Final Sale Fee charged to the selected organization.
Misuse of the PLUSGive Fee Policy is a serious offence, and Plusto will prosecute anyone who abuses this policy.
Additional Information:



+         Listing Upgrade fees are not included in this PLUSGive Fee Policy.


+         Classified Ads and Request for Quote listings do not apply.



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