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Final Sale Fees


You are charged a Final Sale Fee if your item is sold, ends with a winning bid, or is purchased. This fee applies whether or not you complete the sale with the buyer.

Final Sale Fees are calculated using tiers, as per the following table:

Final Sale Fees

Final Sale Price (Equivalent in Euros)

Fee Percentage


0 - 100 000.00




100 000.01 - 200 000.00




200 000.01 - 500 000.00




500 000.01 - 1 000 000.00




1 000 000.01 and more






Under certain circumstances you may request a Final Sale Fee Credit. For example, you can request full credit if a buyer backed out and did not buy the item.


Factors that affect Final Sale Fees


The final sale price (or "final value") of your item.

For Auction listings, it is the final winning bid.
For Fixed Price or Buy It Now items, it is the purchase price.
Example: You sold a single item for 138 000.00. Using the Final Sale Fee table, your Final Sale Fee is 1975.00.
This is calculated as follows: 1500.00 (0.015 times 100 000.00) plus 475.00 (0.0125 times 38 000.00) for a total of 1975.00.
The type of listing.
Examples include the following:
  • Single Items: Final Sale Fee is based on the final sale price (or "final value") of your item.
  • Multiple Items-Fixed Price Listings: The Final Value Fee is calculated per item sold and based on the final sale price of each item.
  • Multiple Item-Online Auction Listings (Dutch Auctions): The Final Value Fee for a Multiple Item Auction Listing (Dutch auction) is determined by multiplying the Final Value Fee of the lowest successful bid by the number of items sold.
    Example: You sold 10 items. 7 Items sold for 10 000.00, and 3 items sold for 11 000.00. The total final value fee is €1500.00. This is calculated as follows: €150.00 (the Final Sale Fee on a 10 000.00 item) times 10 (the number of items sold).
  • Regular Auction-style Listings: The final value is the closing bid when the reserve has been met.
  • Reserve Price Auction-style Listings: There is no Final Value Fee charged if the reserve is not met.
You will not be charged a Final Sale Fee if:
  • There were no bids on your item.
  • There were no bids that met your reserve price in the case of a Reserve Price Auction.
  • Your item or service was listed using a Classified Ad Listing.

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