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Selling on Plusto


Adding Pictures to Your Listing

Learn more about taking pictures for your listings, adding pictures to your listings and maximum image sizes.
Different ways to Sell

Find out more about different listing formats, pricing options and selling to benefit a non-profit organization.
Frequently Asked Questions about Selling on Plusto

Find answers to common questions about Selling on Plusto
How to Sell on Plusto

Follow these easy steps to sell on Plusto.
Managing your Listing

More information on how to manage your listings while they are active.
Preparing to Sell

All you need to know when you are preparing to sell on Plusto.
Selling Internationally

Find out more about selling and shipping internationally.
After the Listing Ends

More about Paying your Plusto Fees, Re-listing an unsold item, refunding a buyer and Requesting a Final Sale Fee Credit.
Fees on Plusto

This is where you will find the information you require regarding Plusto's fee structure.
Hints for Sellers

See a summary for successful selling and for maintaining buyer satisfaction on Plusto.
Listing Products and Services

Everything you need to know about listing your items in the best possible way to achieve selling success on Plusto.
Payment and Sale Completion

Find out more about selecting your payment preferences, and how to invoice buyers after you have completed a sale.
Promoting your Items

Find out more about how you can promote your items through listing upgrades.

More about using CargoKey, and preparing for shipping the items that you have sold on Plusto.
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