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Closing your PLUSStore

Before closing your Plusto Store, please review the following important information.
Frequently Asked Questions about PLUSStores

Find answers to common questions about Stores on Plusto
Opening a PLUSStore

With an PLUSStore, you can display all your listings—regardless of format—in one convenient location.
Designing your PLUSStore

As a dedicated seller, creating a professional-looking online store is vital to your success. Buyers will get an impression of your business within moments of entering your PLUSStore.
Marketing your PLUSStore

Find out more about how you can promote your PLUSStore and how you can use various tools to manage and drive traffic to your listings.
PLUSStore Fees

As an Plusto Store owner, you will have an area of the site dedicated to your listings, which can be branded with your company logo and banner, can contain images of your company and its people, and has an area which displays your company profile as well as all your received feedback.
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