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Plusto now helps its users to create an address book and mailing lists, design newsletters and schedule mailing campaigns. Users with PLUSWebsites have further functionality such as automatic links to their categories, and users that have provided content such as news, reviews, events and guides on Plusto can automatically include links to these articles in their newsletters.
Unique functions include:
  • The ability to include the latest Google News Feeds relevant to your company in the newsletter.
  • Email Logs – Summaries and Results of Email Campaigns.
  • ‘Send to a friend’ functionality.
  • Subscribe to your newsletters on all of your Listing Pages on Plusto.
PLUSWebsite owners get 1000 free PLUSMail credits per month, and other users can purchase credits in various packages.

Choosing and Editing Email Templates

Choose and edit your pre-designed Email Templates and edit them easily.
Designing your own Email Templates

Plusto uses a Cutesoft Editor which is user friendly and allows people with basic computer skills to design their own Email Templates. You can also contact us to design a custom template for you.
PLUSMail Fees

PLUSMail fees are charged for Mail Campaign administration and sending. Fees are sold in packages and are payable in advance.
Setting up your Mailing Lists

A mailing list is a group of recipients that you create from your contacts, and that you are able to send an email campaign to.
Custom Fields

You can add Custom Fields to your database in this section. Custom fields allow you to include additional details of contacts to your database, and then be able to select these criteria when you are setting up your mailing lists and creating your mailing campaigns.
Managing your Address Book

A complete database management tool that allows you to manage your contacts and even create your own Custom Fields.
Scheduling your Email Campaigns

Create and schedule your Email Campaigns by selecting your email templates, mailing lists and send date.
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