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Online Security


Account Security

Find out about Spoof Email and Websites and how to Secure your Account if it is breached. This section also contains information about setting up a secure username and password.
Frequently Asked Questions about Online Security

Find answers to common questions about Online Security on Plusto
Protecting your Privacy

Plusto is concerned about protecting your privacy. Plusto’s Privacy Policy outlines limitations on the use of your contact information. Plusto does not sell or disclose your information for marketing purposes.
Cookies and Web Beacons

Plusto uses cookies, web beacons, and related tools provided by third parties to provide you with services that make the Plusto site more efficient for your buying and selling activities. Plusto limits the use of these tools to protect your privacy.
Minimizing Unwelcome Email on Plusto

Plusto policy is to encourage members to be courteous and respectful when sending email. However, Plusto will investigate and can take action on certain types of unwanted email that violate Plusto policies.
Verification Codes

Requiring verification codes to be entered is another way that Plusto helps in maintaining your account security, and makes it more difficult for your personal information to be stolen and your account accessed by unauthorized persons.
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