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News & Events Items on the Industry Page


Plusto industry pages feature news items and event items that are specific to that industry. The content is provided by Plusto members and is reviewed by Plusto before being published on the site.




Plusto does not exercise any editorial function over content submitted by its users. It simply peruses the content provided to ensure that it does not contravene any of Plusto’s policies.


News Items
News items are specific to an Industry or Company type. They provide news that is relevant to the industry and may contain images. Only the last five submitted news articles per Industry are shown.
Event Items
Event items are specific to an Industry or Company type. They provide information about upcoming events or trade shows, and provide details of the event, its venue and start and end dates.
News and event items are always credited to the author, and provide a link to the authors store if they have one.
To search for specific news items or events visit the Community Content page.

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