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Featured PLUSStores on the Industry Page


Plusto features certain stores on all industry pages.
Industry pages are accessed by clicking on the industry links on the left hand side of the Plusto home page.
The stores featured contain inventory that are relevant to the industry.  By clicking on the store name or logo users will access the store and be able to browse or search for items that they are looking for. A short description of the store is displayed below the store name to better indicate what type of items can be expected to be found in the store.
Currently stores are selected randomly to appear on industry specific pages, however this feature may be charged for in the future.
If industry news or event items are selected on the industry pages, the featured stores will not be shown, however they will be revealed if the user clicks on the Featured Industry Stores link.
PLUSStores include items for sale by an experienced, high-volume Plusto seller. You can search for PLUSStores by category, industry type or company type by clicking on the Stores link situated on the top of all Plusto pages.

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