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News & Events items on the Company Type Page


News and Events items are provided by members of the Plusto Community as well as by our Industry Partners.


+         Company News: This area contains news articles specific to your Company type. For example: The Manufacturer>Building Hardware & Supplies > Wall & Roof Paints page will have articles relating to new trends in the paint manufacturing business, share prices in the paint sector, embargoes and other interesting articles. News articles also contain Reviews and Guides which are provided by members of the Plusto Community as well as by Industry Partners. When a Plusto Community member submits a News item, review or guide through My Plusto, the news item is first screened by Plusto before being published on the site.


+         Upcoming Events: These are events specific to the company type. Events include trade shows, exhibitions, upcoming company specific auctions and live auctions. Events are submitted by members of the Plusto Community and validated by Plusto. Upcoming events are specific to a country, display the start and end date of the event, and also provide the event location.


Only the 5 most recent Company News items and Upcoming Events items are displayed on the Company type page. For archived news items and events visit the Community Content pages.
When you click on the news or event title the full article will appear in the right-hand column of the company page. To restore promotional items click on the arrow next to Promotional Products and Services.

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