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Technical Issues & Error Messages



Plusto’s systems are tested consistently to ensure that your experience on Plusto not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. Sometimes, however you may receive an error message or encounter technical issues related to your task.


Below is a list of the more common error messages. See the information below for possible solutions to errors. For more complex issues, PLUSSupport is always willing to answer your questions.



Error Message: Please enter your correct information in the highlighted fields.


Solution: Review the page you are on to make sure you entered all of the required information.





Error Message: Username and/or password is incorrect. Login Information Is Incorrect!


Solution: Do the following:



+         Check that the Auto complete feature in your browser is not entering the wrong username or password.


+         Make sure your Caps Lock key is off. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive.


+         Double-check your username and password and if necessary, use your email address or ask Plusto to send you your password by email.


+         Verify that there are no spaces between the characters of your username or password.



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