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Your Searching Options


Searching in PLUSStores

You can search for items from PLUSStore sellers. This is helpful if, for example, you feel more comfortable buying items from certain Plusto sellers who might be more knowledgeable about the item, specialize in the item, or are likely to have a variety of items that you are looking for.
Searching using Advanced Search

You can access the advanced search page by clicking the "Advanced Search" button under the search box. Using advanced search allows you to be specific about what you are looking for, refine your search and change the way the results are displayed.
Searching using Additional Information Fields

Some categories have additional finding options, called Custom Item Fields that provide you with a different way to search using typical characteristics about an item or topic area. You can use Custom Item Fields to be more specific and find what you’re looking for more quickly. For example, in Cameras, you can search by brand, condition, and model.
Using Search Commands

You can use certain search commands to help narrow your search and get more precise search results.
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