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Browsing for Items

Browsing for items is a great way to explore the variety of items for sale on Plusto. If you just want to window-shop look for opportunities across multiple categories, browsing is the way to go.
Hints when Searching

Get hints for searching and find out how to narrow or expand your search, when you should consider browsing and when you should submit a Request for Quote.
RSS Feeds and Product Alerts

Plusto provides RSS Feeds and Product Alerts to keep you updated with specific product types, or the products associated with your Company Type or Industry.
Your Searching Options

More about Search Terms, using Advanced Search, Seaerching PLUSStores and using Additional Information fields.
Frequently Asked Questions about Searching on Plusto

Find answers to common questions about Searching for items on Plusto
Managing your Search Results

Find out more about Narrowing your Search Results, and the icons displayed on the Listing Pages.
Start searching on Plusto

Plusto is safe and efficient and can create exciting international trading opportunities for your company.
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