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Different ways to Buy


A Guide to Buying Formats

Plusto's range of buying formats makes it easy for buyers and sellers to do business together. Each format has its own characteristics and advantages.
Buying Digital Items

A digital item is a computer file or special information that you can access online or have delivered electronically. For example, you might buy an specialised Point of Sale software (that the seller is legally authorized to sell) and download it to your computer.
Buying using Buy it Now

Certain listings offer a Buy it Now price. Buy It Now is the simplest way to buy on Plusto. It allows you to buy an item when you want it, at a known set price.
Dutch Auctions – Buying Multiple Items in a listing

When you see an auction-type listing offering two or more identical items or batches of items, this is called a Dutch Auction (also known as a Multiple Item Auction). This means the seller is offering multiple, identical items or batches of items for sale.
PLUSGive - Buying to benefit a nonprofit organisation

Plusto helps to facilitate the donations of goods or services, or the proceeds from the sale of goods and services by members of the Plusto Community.
Auction Listing Format

The auction-style listing is the most common format on Plusto and is based on the traditional auction format, where sellers put items up for sale to the highest bidder.
Buying Internationally

Plusto is a worldwide marketplace that connects you with sellers from around the globe. On Plusto, the process for buying internationally is similar to the process for buying an item within your own country. However, there are a few additional factors to think about.
Buying using Classified Ads

When you see a Classified Ad listing that appears with the Classified Ad icon , it means that there's no bidding on that item, service, or property.
Fixed Price Format

This is a common way to buy items on Plusto. When you buy items which are listed with a fixed price format, you are able to buy the items immediately at a set price, and without having to wait for an auction to end.
Post a Request for Quote

Haven't been able to find that a certain product or looking for competetive prices? Create a Request for Quote and tell thousands of sellers what you're looking for.
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