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Buying on Plusto


About the Listing Page

Whenever you click on an items title or image, from a catalogue page, gallery, search results page or any other part of the site, you will be directed to the seller's listing page. It is here where you can view the items details, contact the seller, watch the item or bid on/purchase an item.
Buying Vehicles, Capital Equipment and Machinery

The more you know about your seller and the items you are bidding on, the safer you, as a buyer will be.
Frequently Asked Questions about Buying on Plusto

Find answers to common questions about Buying on Plusto
Hints for Buyers

Make a smart, safe purchase on Plusto by following these bidding and buying tips.
Policies for Buyers

Plusto's policies are rules and guidelines that help to create a safe, fair and enjoyable trading environment for all Plusto members.
Shipping on Plusto

When you purchase an item on Plusto, you can feel confident about shipping by knowing what to expect.
Bidding on Plusto

Learn more about bid increments, how Plusto's automated bidding system works, setting and changing a maximum bid, and what happens when you get outbid.

Under unique circumstances, bids can also be retracted.
Different ways to Buy

Find out more about your options when buying on Plusto.
Getting Started with buying on Plusto

A step-by-step approach to get you started in our global marketplace. Learn how to register, find items, consider different buying formats and paying methods and request quotes.

You can also find out more about using My Plusto, and how you can connect with other Plusto members.
Paying for an Item

More information about concluding your purchase. Payment Methods, Tracking Payments and Problems with Completing your Purchase.
Requests for Quotes & Wanted Classifieds

Besides being able to buy listed items on Plusto, you can also submit Requests for Quotes (RFQs), which invite sellers that offer the goods and services that you require, to submit quotes from which you can choose who you want to do business with.

Find out how to Post a Request for Quote, Selecting a Request for Quote category and how sellers can Submit Quotes to Sell.

You can also post a Wanted Classified Ad to let Sellers know what you are looking for.
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