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Plusto is built on the assumption that the transfer of reliable information between businesses, in terms of product availability, inventory needs and pricing, in an online environment, will create an active international marketplace which is efficient and cost effective. When certain unique tools are introduced to this marketplace, it makes the online market user friendly, and creates an environment in which businesses can comfortably trade with confidence.

We are especially focused on creating a free marketplace where information is easily available and purposefully transmitted to the appropriate entities in industry. For example: Our unique system ensures that when surplus cement is available for sale by a manufacturer based in India, that the South African distributor of that product has all the information necessary (incl. transport costs, duties etc) to allow them to make an informed decision about the possible importation of that product. Similarly, on a domestic level, if a transport company has space available on its return trip from Brisbane to Sydney, all potential users of this service are informed of its availability and can purchase or bid on that space.

Plusto has pioneered the online networks between company types, the products they use and the products they supply by working closely with its Industry Partners and consultants.

Plusto will initially focus on the local South African, Indian and Chinese markets and seeks to establish relationships and partnerships in the latter two by the end of 2008. However the structure of Plusto means that trading is limitless, and global coverage is targeted by 2010.

Plusto will be customizing and improving product specific technology to suit every market and industry.

Our model relies heavily on our users trading within our policy guidelines, obeying our business ethics rules (defined in our user agreement), and generally creating a trading environment in which they and other users have confidence in the system. The Feedback area, is a public part of the site (available for all to see), where users can view or leave feedback – good, neutral or poor – for any other user that they are considering dealing with or have dealt with in the past. Mechanisms are put in place to ensure that this system is not abused, ensuring that users of the system abide by policies and rules determined by the company.

Plusto aims to be a global leader in commercial and industrial trade facilitation, and will continue to focus on its strengths, and ability to evolve to meet the trading requirements of an emerging global economy.
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