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Office Equipment & Supplies
Computers, Networking > 
Office Equipment, Supply > 
General Supplies
Packaging & Shipping > Acrylic Containers > 
Packaging & Shipping > Bags > 
Packaging & Shipping > Boxes > 
Packaging & Shipping > Cans, Tins > 
Packaging & Shipping > Caps, Closures > 
Packaging & Shipping > Crates > 
Packaging & Shipping > Cushioning, Protection > 
Packaging & Shipping > Drums, Barrels > 
Packaging & Shipping > Glass Containers > 
Packaging & Shipping > Other Packaging
Packaging & Shipping > Package, Shipping Labels > 
Packaging & Shipping > Packaging Tape > 
Packaging & Shipping > Packaging, Squeeze Tubes > 
Packaging & Shipping > Pallets > 
Packaging & Shipping > Strapping > 
Packaging & Shipping > Wrap, Paper, Board, Seals > 
Capital Equipment & Parts
Packaging Machinery > Bottling Machines
Packaging Machinery > Cap Sealing Machines
Packaging Machinery > Cartoning Machines
Packaging Machinery > Case Packing Machines
Packaging Machinery > Fill, Packing Machines > 
Packaging Machinery > Form Machines > 
Packaging Machinery > Induction Seal Machines
Packaging Machinery > Machine Parts
Packaging Machinery > Other Packing Machines
Packaging Machinery > Palletising Machines
Packaging Machinery > Seal Machines > 
Packaging Machinery > Shrink Wrapping Equip > 
Packaging Machinery > Strapping Machines

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KapStone Paper and Packaging Corp. (NYSE:KS) Shares Sold by JPMorgan Chase & Co.   Fairfield Current JPMorgan Chase & Co. decreased its stake in shares of KapStone Paper and Packaging Corp. (NYSE:KS) by 6.7% in the 3rd quarter, according to the company ...
Environmental reporting gains priority for pharmaceutical industry   Packaging World During Pharmapack Europe 2019, Lorax Compliance COO Michelle Carvell urged the pharmaceutical industry to prioritize its environmental reporting...
FEVE: European glass packaging demand continues to grow   Glass International Data published by the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) states that glass-packaging production in Europe continues to grow.
Consumers open to nanotech in active food packaging   EPPM Consumers are showing a growing readiness to use nanotechnology-based solutions in the food packaging industry, according to a study by the EU-funded ...
Albéa manufactures the refillable and eco-designed packaging of Yves Saint Laurent Or Rouge   Cosmetics Business Packaging. Sponsored by Albéa. Designed as a jewel box containing the most precious of skincare creams, Yves Saint Laurent reinvents skincare with the Or ...
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Promotional Products & Services

Bottling MachinesBottling Machines
Bottling and Filling machinery - New and refurbished
Case Packing MachinesCase Packing Machines
For rounded and non-rounded packaging requirements
Form MachinesForm Machines
Form, fill and seal machines - Import your through Plusto
Fill, Packing MachinesFill, Packing Machines
Liquid, Solid and Can filling machines worldwide
Seal MachinesSeal Machines
Source all your packaging machines for all applications
Induction Seal MachinesInduction Seal Machines
Portable & Fixed Induction Sealing Machines
Cap Sealing MachinesCap Sealing Machines
Screw Cap and Glue Cap machines from the manufacturer
Strapping MachinesStrapping Machines
Wide range of strapping machines worldwide
Shrink Wrapping EquipShrink Wrapping Equip
Shrink Wrapping Equipment for all applications

Industries for this Company Type

PLUSFarmFarming, Fishing & Forestry
PLUSMachIndustrial Machinery
PLUSPaperPaper & Paper Products
PLUSSteelSteel & Steel Products
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