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David Allen was given oxygen treatment, left the ring on a stretcher, and sent to hospital after his stoppage loss to the 6-foot-8 heavyweight David Price   Business Insider David Allen suffered a broken orbital bone, damaged tongue, and said he is "probably done" with boxing.
City, Hospitals Report Dozens Of Heat-Related Illnesses   CBS Chicago CHICAGO (CBS)– Dozens have been hospitalized due to heat-related illness. Chicago Fire Department officials said across the city Saturday, ambulances have ...
Hospital Bills $300K to Family of Woman Whose Baby Was Cut Out of Her   The Cut The family of 19-year-old murder victim Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, who was killed by a mother and her daughter who cut her unborn baby out of her womb, is now ...
Holocaust survivor helps buy hospital bed for Polish rescuer, 102   The Times of Israel Krystyna Danko was adopted by Jewish family before World War II, then saved all four members from the Nazis.
Wrexham Maelor Hospital's water bill doubles after 'major' leak   BBC News A report says the hospital is charged £45000 a month compared to its average bill of £20000.
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