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Service Suppliers > Medical Services & Therapists > Hospitals

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Springs hospital lays criminal charge against nurse who performed illegal abortion   News24 The Far East Rand Hospital in Springs, Gauteng, has laid criminal charges against a nurse who performed an illegal abortion while off duty.
Young woman is raped and murdered 'by hospital staff' in Pakistan   Daily Mail The victim's body was found by her mother at the Sindh Government Hospital in Korangi on April 18. Pictured: a file photo of a hospital ward.
Out-of-work doctor, 32, who sneaked into hospital to steal £1,100 of codeine pills faces career end   Daily Mail An out-of-work NHS doctor with a secret addiction to painkillers used his old security pass to repeatedly sneak into a hospital so he could steal prescription-only ...
May's post-Brexit immigration plan could close quarter of services in hospitals   Daily Mail Senior NHS figures have warned the Prime Minister's post-Brexit immigration policy would have a damning effect on Britain's hospitals, it has been revealed ...
Sen. Maureen Walsh apologizes for remarks about nurses in rural hospitals 'playing cards'   Springfield News Sun Washington state Sen. Maureen Walsh is now apologizing for comments she made about nurses playing cards on the job. “If I could ever reel back in a comment ...
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