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Personal Care & Cosmetics Chemicals Distributors
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Personal Care Chemicals > Actives > 
Personal Care Chemicals > Alcohols
Personal Care Chemicals > Anti Oxidants
Personal Care Chemicals > Botanicals
Personal Care Chemicals > Colours & Pigments
Personal Care Chemicals > Emollients
Personal Care Chemicals > Emulsifiers
Personal Care Chemicals > Fatty Alcohols
Personal Care Chemicals > Film Formers
Personal Care Chemicals > Fixatives
Personal Care Chemicals > Fragrances
Personal Care Chemicals > Humectants
Personal Care Chemicals > Lanolins
Personal Care Chemicals > Oils - Mineral
Personal Care Chemicals > Oils - Natural
Personal Care Chemicals > Preservatives
Personal Care Chemicals > Rheological Additives
Personal Care Chemicals > Starches
Personal Care Chemicals > Surfactants
Personal Care Chemicals > Thickeners
Personal Care Chemicals > Waxes

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Anti OxidantsAnti Oxidants
Wholesale supply and surplus stock worldwide
Oils - NaturalOils - Natural
Source natural oils and mineral oils for cosmetics manufacture on Plusto
Find preservatives and other personal care chemicals at great prices
Source all your Botanical supply on Plusto
Thickeners for cosmetics manufacturing
Colours & PigmentsColours & Pigments
Source all your Pigments for Cosmetic Manufacture here
Fatty AlcoholsFatty Alcohols
Find fatty alcohols for all Cosmetics manufacturing applications
Film FormersFilm Formers
Wide variety of film forming chemicals for all applications
Anhydrous lanolin - Source stock on Plusto
Import your Cosmetics surfactants through Plusto and CargoKey
Ethanol and other Personal Care chemicals on Plusto

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PLUSPharmPharmaceuticals, Cosmetics
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