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Buying on Plusto

This section gives provides assistance if you're just getting started, or require detailed information on:

Bidding on Plusto, Different ways to buy, Hints for Buyers, Paying for an Item, Shipping an Item, Rules for Buyers or Buying a Motor Vehicle.
Find What you are Looking For

You will find help here relating to how to find what you are looking for on Plusto:

Get started searching on Plusto, How to Browse for Items, Your searching options, Hints when searching for Items, Managing your search results and Finding relevant items through Industry and Company pages
Help for New Users

If you're new to Plusto, find out how to get started, and how you can take your business to a global market by buying and selling on Plusto.

Getting Help on Plusto, Getting Started on Plusto, Hints for New Users, Rules and Regulations, The Plusto Community and Trust and Safety on Plusto.
Help with Industries

Get help on Industry Pages in this section:

How and why Industry Auctions work, General help on the Industry page, News and Events Items on the Industry Page, Featured Stores on the Industry page.
My Plusto

Everything you need to know about My Plusto, your secure area on Plusto where you manage your account.

Everything you need to know about giving and receiving feedback, managing buying, watching and selling, managing your Plusto account, your Storefront and Profile, and managing the content that you provide on Plusto.
Paying on Plusto

Use this section to find out more about paying options on Plusto, Paying with PayPal, receiving goods and services, immediate payment and how to contact the seller.

There are numerous options available for payment for goods and services and your Plusto fees. Discover the benefits and downfalls of each option.

PLUSMail is a cost effective and easy way for Plusto users to stay in contact with their clients and suppliers, by allowing them to create databases, mailing lists, templates and email campaigns.

PLUSStores allow sellers to have a dedicated sorefront in the global marketplace which shows the products and services that they have available, tells users a little more about their business, displays their online reputation and allows them to display interesting nes articles and information to a global audience.

Opening, Designing, Managing and Marketing your PLUSStore is easy. Find out more about PLUSStore fees and how to stay in control of your PLUSStore.

A range of website services allowing you to choose from numerous templates, and build your own website. A user friendly interface that allows you to add features such as the CargoKey Instant Freight Calculator, FedEx Sample Delivery Calculator, Links to WorldTariff Tax and Duty Calculator and relevant country Customs Sites & relevant Google News.

Top search engine optimisation technology & Google Products submission makes a PLUSWebsite the most easiest and effective B2B website you can have.
Selling on Plusto

Use this section to find out everything that you need to know about Selling on Plusto.

Discover different ways to sell, how to create, manage and promote your listings, how to sell internationally, and what to do when your listing ends.

You can also use this section to find out more about Plusto's fees.
Country and Industry Partners

Industry Partners assist Plusto in ensuring that the information that we send to each of our users is accurate, beneficial and relevant.

Find out more about how relationship with our industry partners works, and how you can become an industry partner in your country.
Frequently Asked Questions for Help

These are the most commonly asked questions on Plusto - get your quick answers to common questions here.
Help with Company Types

Get help on Company Types in this section:

The Input and Output Products for Company Types, General help on the Company Type page, News and Events items on the Company Page and Using Promotional Products & Services to promote your business.
Member Created Content

Plusto invites its members to submit their own content to provide interesting information about their industry, company type or products that they provide, as well as to provide information on upcoming events which the Plusto community may find interesting.

Find out more about how to submit news and events information, managing your content, finding relevant news and events and how Plusto manages the news and events information submitted by members.
Online Security

Every Plusto member should read this section relating to Securing your Plusto Account, Protecting your Privacy and Minimising Unwelcome Email.

There is also more information on how Plusto uses Cookies and Web Beacons, and how this relates to your Privacy.

Learn more about how Plusto uses the feedback system to create added buying and selling confidence, by allowing every member to establish an online reputation.

Find out how to Leave Feedback, about Feedback Symbols, how the Feedback system works, how to respond to feedback, and how feedback disputes can be resolved.

Our policies set out the rules and regulations that govern the Plusto marketplace. Every member that buys and sells on Plusto agrees to abide by these rules, and failing to adhere to them has consequences.

This section is broken down into Policies for Everyone, Policies for Buyers, Policies for Sellers, Feedback Policies, your User Agreement and Protecting Intellectual Property on Plusto.
Plusto Accounts

When you register with Plusto, you open a Plusto Account. Use this section to find out more about member accounts, managing your account, paying your Plusto invoice, Suspended accounts and how to reinstate them.

This section also deals with how members can create content to be posted on Plusto, and how that content gets managed.
PLUSWebsites - Reselling

Plusto now helps its users to create and design their own websites which integrate with Plusto, and have all the unique features that Plusto has. As a Plusto Website Reseller you are able to easily able to market and promote these websites, and earn substantial commissions on the sales that you generate.
Transaction Problems

Plusto is a safe place to trade. However transaction problems may arise once in a while, and this section provides more information about what to do in these circumstances.

Buyer Protection, Seller Protection, Contacting Plusto members and How Plusto can help.
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