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Press Releases

Below are a list a Press Releases, which can be used by permission of Plusto by media platforms throughout the world. Press releases can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon.

Please see the image gallery above for images which can be used together with the press releases.

Plusto's PR campaign is managed by FD Beachhead. Please refer all queries to Beachhead through the PR Contact link above.

Mon 24 Nov 2008Only 42% of SME start ups will succeed in businessView Press Release
Wed 19 Nov 2008Online Trading reduces procurement time by 65%View Press Release
Mon 10 Nov 2008It's time to free up South Africa's telecoms marketView Press Release
Thu 30 Oct 2008Chinese companies losing Renminbi 350m a week from excess inventoriesView Press Release
Tue 28 Oct 2008Indian Companies losing Rupees 1.9 Billion a week from excess inventoriesView Press Release
Mon 20 Oct 2008Media BriefingView Press Release
Mon 20 Oct 2008New online Commercial and Industrial trading platform to revolutionise global tradeView Press Release
Mon 20 Oct 2008South African companies losing R300 million per week from excess inventoriesView Press Release
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